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The Truth About Weight Loss

In the cusp of 2018 with 2019 swiftly approaching, many of us are formalizing our New Yeas resolution. Some of us wish to travel more, a few visualize purchasing a lovely home, have more sex, overdose bank accounts with tons of Benjamin Franklins’ stacking sky high. Regardless of our 2019 endeavors, none more critical than improving our greatest asset in the world, our health. With an uptick of public awareness over the last decade promoting the benefits of a solid diet and exercising regiment, it’s safe to say the growing consensus is that the fitness market is oversaturated with an abundance of products and information that often stupefy a New Year’s enthusiast.

Which diet plan to Pick from?

There are no way to unequivocally tell which diet plan works, or more importantly, which will work for you. We have all seen the exuberant paid actress persuasive testimony or a trusted friend glowing after reducing inches off their waist, only to find out the diet plan is unsustainable or flat out produced zero result. Now frustration set in. The slim fit jean you were looking forward to squeezing your tushy in is distance away. Let’s not forget the time, energy, and hard earned dollars spent. All these factors boils up to one enormous lipid pile of stink. You are now in despair and actively thinking weight loss is just not for you.

We are abstracted with current diet façades being promoted that we forget the key to any weight loss success is simply through discipline and hard work. In other words, you have to be willing to do what it takes to achieve your fitness goals. There are no magic pills (without health risks) nor a magic diet. The overt secret is caloric intake vs expended energy, burning more calories over food consumption. There are 4 key action items to implement to achieve success. These are healthy food choices, movement, strength training, and a support group. Let’s take a deeper dive at each key items.


Staying Active -Unless you are genetically gifted with a fast reacting metabolism that instantly converts your food/drink intakes into energy while storing the bare minimum as fat, you must avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Some beginning exercises includes a nice stroll around your neighborhood, dancing to your favorite tune, chasing your little one around the park all suffice as productive movements. Of course, as your physical abilities improves, the level of physical engagement must equally intensify.

Healthy Food Choices

Food- It is common knowledge food such as certain fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins are superior choices than fast food, sugar ridden donuts, chocolate bars, etc. However, most of us get bored and/or angry having to eat the same tasteless food recommended in a healthy diet plan. There is a long list of food to choose from the Glycemic index that will not spike your blood sugar to unwanted levels. Use the GI as a starting point to creating mouthwatering healthy dishes. Do not limit yourself on variety, it is a stepping stone to failure. Instead focus on total calories intake. Set yourself with a daily total amount intake goal based on your current weight and daily activity level. If the total calories burnt through movement surpasses your total intake, weight loss occurs, no if, but, or maybe. It’s also imperative to create a nutritional balance without drastically compromising your social health. Do not hesitate to take a couple meals out of the week to enjoy a tasty not so healthy dish with your family and friends. A successful plan is usually one that is consistent and well balanced.

Strength Training

Muscles- Ever heard of the term skinny fat? That is when a person is low in weight but they appear overweight or un- proportion. When strength training is incorporated into your weight loss program you visibly appear and feel stronger, stable, and fitter. The benefits does not stop there. It de-accelerates aging along with combating the natural muscle loss process as we grow older. Perhaps the most sought after benefit of resistance training is the ability to burn more calories while comfortably sitting down watching your favorite TV show. This is possible because when muscle mass is augmented, your metabolism follows suit by becoming a fat burning furnace. Want the ability to eat more without the weight gain? Make resistance training your friend.

Support Group

Product of your environment- It’s hard to achieve a fitness goal.  Even more cumbersome maintaining it. Our increasingly fast paced lifestyle and inexpensive access to artery clogging fast food exacerbates the challenges tenfold. One of the dwindling advantages we still have is to encompass ourselves with individuals with common interests. The main reason to surround yourself with healthy minded people is for motivation. This will help keep you on track with your daily routines and struggles through positive reinforcement by folks who understands the grind, sacrifices, and setbacks you will experience in your fitness journey.


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