Benefits Of Compound Exercises

Compound exercises offers more bang for your buck.

In a world where time is of the essence for far too many of us, blocking out adequate sweat time in our calendar is trivial. Compound training not only considers your precious limited time, it also offers benefits superior to isolated movements that we will cover shortly. First lets focus on how time-saving is achieved by simultaneously activating multiple body parts into a single exercise.

It’s 5:30pm, You are sitting in traffic after a stressful day at work pondering what’s for dinner. Will it be mustard glazed chicken with cheesy potato casserole, maybe sizzling steak fajitas smothered with guacamole, sour cream, lettuce and diced tomatoes, or it might just be a nice warm bowl of spicy chili covered with shredded cheese and sour cream. But wait, you just had an epiphany. Your refrigerator is utterly empty!!! So you make way to the closest supermarket and hastily shuffle through the grocery aisles selecting tonight’s dinner ingredients. By the time you arrive home, cook, eat, clean-up, baths and bedtime for the kids, lets face it you’re exhausted and time is of the essence.   It’s almost 9 pm and your left with 30 minutes of actual exercise time at the gym to sculpt your butt, legs, and waist before showering and making your way back home to rest for work the next morning.

It is tremendously arduous to isolate and tear each planned muscle effectively in a 30 minutes time frame. One can utilize a compound exercise like squats that aggregately activates the glutes, quads, hamstring, calves, back, and core all at once. In addition, a distinct advantage of performing compound movements is it stimulates higher releases of testosterone and growth hormones in the human body. These natural hormones are conducive to muscle-building, boosted strength, fat burning, cell growth, and can even increase your sex drive. Additional distinct advantages include being more athletic, increased cardiovascular, and a consistent focus on your core regardless of the exercises being performed. Unless you are recovering from an injury that requires focus on a specific body part or an explicit muscle that is simply lacking from its counterpart, compound exercises is the way to go. Below are 7 fat burning, muscle building, awesome compound strength stimulators rated from beginners to intermediate that we can all take advantage of.

Muscle Stimulators | Bench Jumps


Why Bench Jumps?  Stability, stronger & firmer legs, explosive leg power

Primary targets: Quadriceps (thighs), glutes (butt)

Secondary targets: Calves, adductors/abductors (inner/outer thighs), hamstring, lower back , core (midsection) 

Kettlebell Squats


Why Kettlebell Squats? This exercise will improve your posture, stability, remove cellulite, and increase your entire body strength.

Primary targets: Quadriceps (thighs), glutes (butt), hamstring, erector spinae (back), core

Secondary targets: Calves, hips, adductors/abductors

Barbell Deadlift


Why Barbell Deadlifts? Deadlifts are arguably the single most effective movement to increase your core strength. Like squats, it will improve your overall total body strength amongst other fabulous benefits.

Primary targets: Quadriceps (thighs), glutes (butt), hamstring, erector spinae (back), core, shoulders

 Secondary targets: Calves, hips, adductors/abductors.

Dumbbell Lunges


Why Dumbbell Lunges? Lunges will improve your flexor flexibility, balance, gluteus activation and much more.

Primary targets: Quadriceps (thighs), glutes (butt), hamstring

Secondary targets: Calves, hips, abdominal

Bent Over Row


Why Bent Over Row? Bent over row is not only an excellent exercise to strengthen and tighten your back. It is a great spine stabilizer. A stabilize back reduces the risk of lower back injuries.

Primary targets: Back (latissimus dorsi and rhomboids), shoulders (posterior), core

Secondary targets: Biceps, trapezius, biceps, gluteus, hamstring

Kettlebell Swing


Why Kettlebell Swing? This popular fat burning exercise is known to improve endurance and posture. Kettlebell swings also tends to be easier on the body when performed correctly.

Primary targets: Adductors, abductors, calves, (side abs) external oblique

Secondary targets: Hamstring, shoulders, back

Push Ups


Why push ups? Push ups can be performed virtually anywhere and it is a full body activation exercises that can improve posture, reduce risk of lower back injury, enhance cardiovascular system and much more.

Primary targets: Pectoral, shoulders

Secondary targets: Core, erector spinae (lower back), biceps, glutes, quadriceps, triceps


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