12 Fun And Inexpensive Winter Activities For The Whole Family.

Wondering what to do this winter to keep your family entertained? Here are twelve inexpensive and fun-filled winter activities to keep you and your family occupied and smiling.

Now that you boxed away and replaced all your summer gear, had your local mechanic mount snow tires on your car, and stocked the pantry with protein packed grocery essentials, you are officially ready for any hiccups winter has to offer. Your only dilemma now is what to do during these three bleak winter months. Let’s dive into these fun activities below…

1. Winter scavenger hunt

Winter Scavenger Hunt
Finding a magical crystal during the winter scavenger hunt

Equip the kids with a VTech kids camera and a small bucket to scavenger twigs, ice balls, pine cones, flying birds, pine trees, snowman, etc. and just wait to see all the fun photos they take. Keep the kids motivated by dangling rewards for rare or harder findings. Remember to plan scavenger’s routes, rules, and contingencies.

2. Go sledding

family snow sledding
Sleds fun with the family

Relish in the moment with the kiddos on top of the hill with this fun winter activity for all ages that will keep you content all day long. Pack and/or wear plenty of warm blankets, hats and gloves, double layered clothing, and of course the thermos of hot cocoa to keep you all toasty.

3. Go ice skating

Two girls ice skating
Skate Skate Skate!!

Not only is ice-skating a fun winter activity, it is also an excellent aerobic workout that builds legs and core muscles and increases balance. So get the little ones moving and cruising on the ice this winter, you’ll be thankful when they give you an epic nap later that day.

4. Family fire relaxation

Relaxing by the fireplace
Relax, feel good, and marinate by the fire

When its frigid outside, you just want to relax by the fire with a warm cup of hot cocoa enjoying a good book, a movie, or listening to your favorite tunes.  You can also bust out the board games, deck of cards or Jenga and make it a fun family night by the fire.

5. Have a snow ball fight

Child and mom snow ball fight
Snow ball fight, Watch-out mom.

Arrange a safe snow ball fight between members of the family or with the local children for some fun neighborhood action. Create 2 to 4 large teams depending on the number of individuals participating. Be sure to appropriately construct the teams evenly based on age, skills, and competitive nature. Lastly, create safe game rules and pre-make the snow balls. Let the fun begin!!!!

6. Go ice fishing

Man ice fishing
Peaceful ice fishing

Unwind from the stressors of life and relax while catching massive freshwater trout in the process. Do not venture to uncertain dangerous territory, only step foot on a minimum of 2 feet thick ice or better. Increase your fish catch rate by using live bait opposed to bobbers. Avoid wearing colorful clothing because fish are not color blind and can be scared away through clear water or ice.

7. Make a snow castle or snow fort

kids in snow fort
Peekaboo! snow fort fun

Shovel a narrow path leading to a snow fort in your backyard. Use a picnic table to start your fort and dress the interior with pillows, blankets, etc. Creativity is key as there are countless approaches for this fun project. For example you could dig into a snow bank as a starting step as opposed to using a picnic table. Snow castle kits are also available from places like Wal-Mart and Target to help you with your castle design.

8. Bake and decorate cookies

sprinkling cookies
Cookies. Yea!!!

Have fun baking different size and flavored cookies with the family, decorate them, and watch them dissipate one bite at a time. If you are baking with young children do the following for an easy and stress free environment – build the excitement, pre-measure the ingredients, allow decision-making and imperfect participation, and keep in mind a messy kitchen is inevitable…..mentally prepare for it. Check out our delicious holiday cookie recipes that are sure to be a hit this winter!

9. Go snow hiking

snow hiking
Hiking and exploring

Dress warm, pack plenty of snacks and be sure to plan accordingly. For example you want to stay away from avalanche terrains and days that are frigid. Lastly have fun, create an adventure style atmosphere while playing fun games along your hiking trails like building mini snowmen.

10. Have an outdoor bonfire and s’mores

marshmallow on a stick over flames
Bonfire, Smores, Life

What’s cooler than cozying up around a warm fire with your family while snacking on s’mores or hot dogs on a stick? Snuggle together and sing the families favorite tunes or share funny as well as creepy stories to spice up the mood. Dress warm with well insulated clothing, pack blankets, hats and gloves and have plenty of well dried twigs from past season, matches, cardboard, and lots of patience.

11. Host a video game tournament

kids playing playstation
Playstation and friends is all I need

Invite the kiddos friends over to a competitive fun night with plenty of cool prizes and sweets. If you are an anti video game parent like many, no worries. Simply swap the Xbox and playstation controllers for interactive board games like Scrabble, Clue, Monopoly, etc.

12. Make snowmen and snow angels

Mr snowman

Get creative building a snowman with the kids with all sorts of accessories (winter clothes, hats, scarfs, carrots, sticks, and buttons or charcoal). Make your life easier and pick up a snowman kit at your local craft store and remember to avoid fresh powdered snow as it’s too fluffy and soft.  Day old or heavy snow makes for the best snowmen. Have fun!


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