Myths of Strength Training DEBUNKED

There’s an abundance of misconceptions floating around the internet about strength training.  Some are greatly exaggerated.  Some are flat-out fabricated for personal gains. “Thanks to squats my butt grew astronomically!”.  We have all heard that before.  That’s as true as enhancing your male private part by 6 inches with a newly discovered blue pill. 

Here are 5 popular myths of strength training DEBUNKED!

1.  Squats For The Booty

False! Squats do not enlarge your booty. However, they enhance it visually by shaping and reducing cellulite. This process of defining the booty can produce an illusion of growth. But the only way to grow your booty is through weight gain. Conversely, weight-loss decreases booty size. Lastly genetics plays a critical role in the overall shape and size. You can put on solid muscle weight and squat until your legs fall off, some booties will never equate to the likes of JLO and Shakira

2. Weightlifting Makes Women Buff

False! Getting buff is not easy. Many men try and fail on a daily basis. Men who are 100x more prone to muscle development in comparison to women, struggle. Testosterone levels vary greatly between men and women. Testosterone are natural hormones in the human body responsible for building muscle size and strength. Men have an average testosterone level of 715 nanograms, while women average only 40 nanograms. Women produce such low levels, that it is highly unlikely a natural woman could lift her way into a man’s muscular physique without foreign substances. 

3.  Lift Heavy Weights For Size And Light Weights For Shreds

Half true! Muscles break down when under duress and reshape bigger and stronger through recovery and nutrition. In this case, yes, if you desire bigger stronger muscles heavy lifting is the only way to go unless you are consuming PEDs (performance enhancing drugs). However, if you are lifting light and not exerting at least 70% of capacity, GO HOME YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME. Dieting and heavy weight lifting is the best way to achieve a ripped muscular physique. 

4. Lifting Will Make You Inflexible

False! Lifting weights does the opposite. With proper form, strength training increases your flexibility since you are constantly subjecting your muscles through full range of motion. In fact research shows strength training and stretching equally improve flexibility. Of course if your goal is to be a 250 pound, average height body builder, you will lose some flexibility as the sheer size would limit certain movements. 

5. If You Stop Lifting Your Muscles Will Turn To Fat

False! Muscles will never turn to fat and fat will never turn to muscles. They are two different types of tissue components. When you lift, your body increases its muscle mass. Your appetite also fluctuates upward in the process due to your body requiring more energy. Vice-versa, when weightlifting stops for an extended period of time your body reduces its muscle mass and no longer require as much energy to function. If food intake remains the same, your body will burn off what is needed and store the rest as fat.

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